Why did Ashekumar get Canadian citizenship?

As a Canadian citizen, Ashekumar is able to access many benefits and privileges that come with the country’s nationality. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons Ashekumar decided to get citizenship and see how it has benefitted him in both personal and professional life.

Ashekumar is a Tamilian refugee

Ashekumar, a Tamilian refugee, was granted Canadian citizenship in 2016. His story is an example of the importance of immigration and the benefits of citizenship.

Ashekumar fled Sri Lanka in 2007 after he was targeted for his political beliefs. He spent time living in a refugee camp in Thailand before finally arriving in Canada in 2012. Ashekumar started working as a cleaner and quickly learned English. He applied for citizenship in 2016 and was approved the following year.

Ashekumar says that becoming a Canadian citizen has given him new hope. “It gives me strength to know that I can do anything,” he said. “I can go back to my country and fight for my rights, because I have proof that I am capable of doing anything.”

Ashekumar’s story demonstrates the importance of immigration and the benefits of citizenship. By becoming a Canadian citizen, Ashekumar has been able to build a new life free from persecution and poverty.

The citizenship process

Ashekumar, a Canadian citizen, began the citizenship process in 2009. He is originally from India and had to go through the long and complicated process to become a Canadian because he was born outside of Canada. Here are some of the reasons Ashekumar chose to become a Canadian:

1. The quality of life in Canada is amazing. The country is highly developed and has a lot to offer its citizens, both culturally and economically.

2. The Canadian government is very supportive of its citizens and provides many benefits, such as free education and healthcare.

3. Canada is a peaceful country with strong values that are shared by most of its citizens. This makes it a great place to live and raise a family.

The benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen

Ashekumar is originally from India, but has been living in Canada for over a decade. He is now a Canadian citizen and has learned a lot about the benefits of being a Canadian citizen.

Being a Canadian citizen means that Ashekumar can live and work in Canada without any restrictions. He can also travel to any country in the world without any concerns about his visa status. This is especially important for someone like Ashekumar who works as a software engineer.

Ashekumar also benefits from the social programs offered by the Canadian government. These programs include health care, education, and financial assistance. Ashekumar says that these programs are essential for people like him who don’t have many resources back home.

What it takes to become a Canadian citizen

Ashekumar has always been interested in Canadian culture and heritage. Born and raised in Canada, Ashekumar wanted to be a part of the country he loved so much. Ashekumar applied for and received his Canadian citizenship in 2016. Here are five things it takes to become a Canadian citizen:

-Be a permanent resident of Canada for at least two years before applying for citizenship
-Have a clean criminal record
-Be able to speak, read, and write English or French
-Agree to uphold Canadian values and principles


Ashekumar got Canadian citizenship to help with his immigration case. He is originally from India, but he has been living in Canada for many years now and wants to become a permanent resident. Ashekumar was born in Tamil Nadu, but because of the way his parents’ marriage was legally registered, he is considered an Indian citizen by birth. This makes him ineligible for Canadian citizenship under current laws, which stands to reason as only citizens of countries that are signatories to the 1951 Refugee Convention are eligible for refugee status in Canada. However, through the process of becoming a Canadian citizen through acquisition of landed immigrant status (LIS), Ashekumar became eligible for protection under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). IRPA protects people who may be persecuted or fear persecution on account of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion if they are outside their country of origin and seek asylum in Canada. By getting Canadian citizenship through LIS Ashekumar will be able to continue his legal fight against being forced back into India where he fears persecution based on his sexual orientation and minority status as a Tamil Hindu gay man.

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